“How can we build a sustainable future for Appalachian communities?”

“I think one of the neatest ways to build one would be to get everyone wired, in a sense, of internet connections because of its sustainability. You have to bring the jobs to the people and then you add that interconnectivity, then you can have people starting enterprises in a community they live in which keeps the Appalachia in a sustainable community. Instead of forcing these people into the cities for jobs, keeping the communities together can make them more energy efficient.”
-Jim Resh

Market Overview

The Indiana Farmers Market is a collection of community members and local food providers who work very hard to make fresh, healthy food available to as much of the community as possible. They are also working to improve Indiana by supporting local arts and businesses, as well as providing low cost produce to their neighbors in the community. One of the biggest long term goals of the farmers market is to become a fixture in the community, and to become the main food source for as many people as possible.

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