“How can we build a sustainable future for Appalachian communities?”

“I think one of the neatest ways to build one would be to get everyone wired, in a sense, of internet connections because of its sustainability. You have to bring the jobs to the people and then you add that interconnectivity, then you can have people starting enterprises in a community they live in which keeps the Appalachia in a sustainable community. Instead of forcing these people into the cities for jobs, keeping the communities together can make them more energy efficient.”
-Jim Resh

Health Benefits

Everyone knows that fresh food is better for you than food steeped in preservatives, especially produce. It is better for your body, better for your mind, and better for your kids! Well the Indiana Farmer's Market knows this too, and holds that belief as a major founding principle. All of the food in the Farmer's Market comes straight from the ground, to your dinner table. Local providers such as Yarnick's Farms work hard to make sure they provide you with only the absolute best, most healthy food possible. Because of the dedication of people like Janet Huber at 3 Ponds Farm, the Farmer's Market can guarantee that all of the food they provide is all-natural, locally sourced, and healthy as can be. Let's not forget too, that the produce we get at the Indiana Farmer's Market produce is gmo free. Indiana county farmers take pride in providing only the best to their community.
The world's best beets from 3 Ponds Farm!

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