“How can we build a sustainable future for Appalachian communities?”

“I think one of the neatest ways to build one would be to get everyone wired, in a sense, of internet connections because of its sustainability. You have to bring the jobs to the people and then you add that interconnectivity, then you can have people starting enterprises in a community they live in which keeps the Appalachia in a sustainable community. Instead of forcing these people into the cities for jobs, keeping the communities together can make them more energy efficient.”
-Jim Resh

Community Connection

The Farmer's Market may be the best source around for food, but they're not just dropping by to sell produce twice a week and leave. The Farmer's Market is an active participant in the Indiana local community. Every week local artists are invited to the market and given a venue to play music, or display and sell their personal art, and homemade jewelry. The sound of acoustic guitar on a bright summer day in the downtown market is one of the best parts of the week! In addition to supporting local culture, the Farmer's Market also strives to participate in, and stimulate the downtown Indiana economy.  The Farmer's Market participates in farm to table commerce with local restaurants such as Cucina Mia, The Coventry Inn and Gatti's Cozy Corner. These are a few of the local restaurants that buy produce directly from the Farmer's Market, because they know that fresh is best.
The Market also seeks to attract people to the downtown area in general, by being a downtown attraction in itself. According to Community Activist Chloe Drew, "People who come downtown to buy produce at the Farmer's Market stay to have lunch in the local restaurants...and visit the downtown shops." Chloe is a Center for Community Growth volunteer as well as a food and health activist who understands the value of community and quality of life. A life-long resident of Indiana, Chloe works hard to help improve the Indiana Farmer's Market, and to help stimulate the community of Indiana. Her passion for health and her community drives her to advocate for local food sourcing and better health through community education.
Downtown Indiana
Community Activist Chloe Drew

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